Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two books and a link

Hi Internet!

In advance, the links promised in the tittle

I thought it is a good idea share some good books, and when I think with myself which books it would be good to share with others developers/architects/engineers/etc I think these two share the asme essence of wisdom to you realise who important some decisions and attitudes are and how to improve your work (as you spend a lot of time of your life working and it would also make you happier, I would say that the word "life" could be interchangeable with "work" here). I would invite you to take a look on the book descriptions and the Table of Contents (ToC).

The link is just another suggestion quite related to theses books. It have some antipatterns described there, organised by architecture, developer and management subjects. They are good to reflect about our selfs in the past (or present) and keep yourself alway from those problems. One of the most common antipattern that I see is the due some companies (specially closed sources) always claims to have a silverbullet.



  1. TDD(Test Driven Development), Design patterns, Agile methodology and best practices books are always good to read and should be added to all time collection of books.

    Top 10 core java books from my experience.

    Out of these Effective Java is a must read.